Dropping vs. Complete Withdrawal

1. Dropping indicates a class or classes will be dropped, but the student will remain enrolled in at least one class at the institution for the semester

2. Complete withdrawal means a student will no longer remain enrolled in any classes at the institution for the semester

Adding or dropping courses within the first 12 days of a long semester or prior to the start of a "Part of Term," will result in a financial aid adjustment and create a balance on the student’s account. Dropping a course may affect a student’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Students on an academic plan are encouraged to speak with OSFA to ensure the drop will not result in SAP Termination.

A complete withdrawal at any time during the semester will result in a balance on the student’s account and will affect their SAP.

Any tuition and fees credit made to the student account by the Office of Student Business Services will be routed to any financial aid received by the student, including loans.


Federal School Code: 003661