Transferring to UTEP

Undergraduate students, who begin their academic career at another postsecondary institution and subsequently transfer to UTEP, must have their transcript evaluated by this institution’s Undergraduate Admissions Office. The student must also ensure that UTEP’s Federal School Code (003661) is added on their FAFSA application in order to be considered for financial aid at UTEP.

Financial aid does not transfer from one institution to another and a student’s financial aid award may differ from their previous institution’s.

Schools are required to count transfer credit hours that are accepted toward a student’s education program as both attempted and completed hours. Only transferred courses that apply to a student’s degree plan at UTEP will be counted toward their "maximum timeframe" of those attempted and completed hours. For these students, financial aid eligibility is identical to that of UTEP students with comparable credit hours

Federal School Code: 003661