Student Responsibilities

• Complete all forms accurately and submit them on time;

• Provide correct information;

• Submit all documentation, verification, corrections, and or/new information requested by the Office of Student Financial Aid;

• Report any additional financial assistance or financial resources;

• Read and understand all forms you are asked to sign, and keep copies for your records;

• Comply with all agreements you sign;

• Perform the work agreed upon when accepting a Federal College Work-Study job;

• Be aware of and comply with priority dates when applying or reapplying for financial aid;

• Report any name and/or address changes to the Office of Records;

• Read and understand all written materials provided to you;

• Understand that giving misinformation on financial aid forms is a violation of law and may be considered a criminal offense which could result in indictment under the U.S. Criminal Code.

Federal School Code: 003661