Financial Aid Forms

2017-2018 Forms
2016-2017 Forms

Only students that have been selected for verification are required to print and submit specific forms from this section. Please verify on Goldmine or MyStatus which documents you will need to print and submit to the financial aid office for processing.

Information Sheet for Individuals with Unusual Circumstances

V1 Dependent Verification Worksheet

V1 Independent Verification Worksheet

V4 Dependent Verification Worksheet

V4 Independent Verification Worksheet

V5 Dependent Verification Worksheet

V5 Independent Verification Worksheet

V6 Dependent Household Resources Worksheet

V6 Independent Household Resources Worksheet

Consortium Agreement Form: Used to merge enrollment with EPCC and UTEP. The OSFA will use this form when a student is enrolled 6-11 semester credit hours at UTEP and is taking courses at EPCC during the same semester. The form is to be submitted during the term of enrollment.

Decline Financial Aid Awards Form: Used when a student has accepted financial aid funds (including grants, work-study, and loans) and will be transferring to another institution of higher education or did not enroll at UTEP for any semester during the academic year. OSFA will use the form to cancel all accepted aid for the semester designated.

Student Reporting Outside Resourses: Used when a student is awarded financial assistance apart from the award offered by the OSFA. The OSFA will use the information provided on the form to determine if a student is overawarded and still eligible for their original OSFA award offer. A student receiving financial aid and awarded other financial assistance should submit this form immediately upon being notified about other financial assistance.

Parent Authorization to Credit Account: Used as an authorization for PLUS Loan funds. The OSFA will use this form to apply the loan to any outstanding balance and to deposit remaining funds to the student’s account. A student and parent that have applied for the PLUS Loan are encouraged to submit this form after receiving notice the loan was approved.

Confirm Degree: Used for students entering into a 2nd bachelors degree. The OSFA needs to establish the number of credit hours required for the new degree and the number of hours from a previous degree being accepted into the new program. A student who is accepted into a 2nd bachelors degree should submit this form prior to the start of their first semester in the new degree.

Asset Form: Used when a student and/or spouse/parent(s) skipped the questions regarding asset information on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The OSFA will need to provide the asset information to the United States Department of Education to establish the correct Expected Family Contribution for students. The student or parents who work outside of the United States, own a business, or meet other requirements, are typically requested to submit this form.

Loan Adjustment Request Form: Used after a student has accepted loans offered on Goldmine. The OSFA will use this form to make adjustments to previously accepted loans. These adjustments can be an increase, decrease, reinstatement, or cancellation of student loans. Parent Plus Loan adjustments may also be increased, decreased, and cancelled, but will require a parent signature. A student interested in adjusting their previously accepted loan should submit this form immediately.

Federal School Code: 003661