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2017-18 Texas Public Education Grant (TPEG-I)

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V5 Independent Verification Worksheet

Confirm Degree: This form should be completed only by students that have already received a degree/certificate and are trying to receive additional aid for a 2nd major/program. To determine eligibility, the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) needs to establish the number of credit hours required for the new degree/program and the number of hours from the previous degree/program that will be used for the 2nd or additional degree/program.

Consortium Agreement Form: Used to merge enrollment with EPCC and UTEP. The OSFA will use this form when a student is enrolled 6-11 semester credit hours at UTEP and is taking courses at EPCC during the same semester. The form is to be submitted during the term of enrollment.

2018-2019 Forms

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