How do I accept my aid?

  1. Log into Goldmine.utep.edu
  2. Click ‘Financial Aid’
  3. Click ‘My Award Information’
  4. Click ‘Award by Aid Year’
     a. Select Aid Year ‘2017-2018’
  5. Click ‘Accept Award Offer’ tab which is the last tab on right
     a. Accept/Decline

Where’s my money?

Answer: Students do not receive their financial aid money and then use it to pay their tuition. Financial aid money is received by the university ten days prior to the start of fall, spring or summer semester. Once received, it is first applied as a payment to tuition and fees, then applied to any outstanding balance. Due to separation of duties the Student Business Services Office sends out refunds to students the first week of classes, and the Office of Student Financial Aid does not have access to student direct deposit or check information.

What is my financial aid status?

Answer: Financial aid status can be checked online on MyStatus.utep.edu. This tool will allow a student to view items that may be needed before financial aid being offered. Students can also view the financial aid awarded to them.

Why am I getting less money?

  a. A student who is not enrolled full-time will get a reduced amount of financial aid.
  b. A loan may have been accepted for the semester, instead of the year. For example, a student who wants to borrow $500/semester should accept $1000 total. If only $500 is accepted, the student will receive $250 for fall and $250 for spring.
  c. A student whose FAFSA information changed from the previous years, may see a decrease in their financial aid.
  d. The rules for a financial aid award may have changed and the amount of the award was decreased.

I want more/less loans, but I can’t change it on Goldmine. What should I do?

Answer: After a student accepts a loan on Goldmine, they are no longer able to make changes to their loans online. A student must go to the Forms page print the "Loan Adjustment Request" form. Once completed the form can be submitted in person, by fax, or e-mail.

Do I have to go drop off my documents?

a. All forms available online can be submitted:
i. In Person: Mike Loya Academic Services Building in Rm 204 or 101
ii. By Fax: 915-747-5631
iii. By E-Mail: financial@utep.edu

b. Students are encouraged to follow up 5-7 business days after submitting their documents. There may be errors, clarifications, or additional documents needed after documents are reviewed.

I want to go to EPCC too, can I still get my financial aid?

a. A student cannot receive grants at both schools for one semester.

b. A student interested in attending both UTEP and EPCC is encouraged to review the "Consortium Agreement" (CA) form and, if eligible, submit the completed form to UTEP’S Office of Student Financial Aid. The CA allows students to receive financial aid for enrollment at both UTEP and EPCC.

I only have to take 1/2/3 classes. Can I take other classes to get my money?

Answer: A student’s financial aid will only pay for classes listed on their degree plan. A student who is unable to enroll full-time can view their award description under "Types of Aid" to determine if their financial aid will be adjusted.

Why was I termed?

a. A student who is terminated (termed) from financial aid has not met the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements. This is due to one or more of the following:
i. A cumulative GPA of 2.0 or below for undergraduate students (3.0 for graduate)
ii. A completion rate of attempted credits/hours less than 75%
iii. Having attempted more than 150% of the credits/hours required for degree completion

I have an "Exit" hold. What is this? Can it be removed?

a. Direct Loan Borrowers: An "Exit Counseling" is an online tutorial, used as a reminder of a student borrower’s rights and responsibilities when they are preparing to repay their student loans. The hold can be removed once the student completes the online tutorial at studentloans.gov. An exit is required for student loan borrowers if they:
i. Are graduating
ii. Did not enroll for a semester
iii. Enrolled less than half time for a semester
iv. Enrolled half time or more then later dropped to less than half time for a semester

b. TEACH Grant Recipients: An "Exit Counseling" is an online tutorial, used as a reminder of a student’s rights and responsibilities when they are preparing to fulfill the terms of their "Agreement to Serve Contract." The hold can be removed once the student completes the online tutorial at NSLDS.gov. An exit is required for TEACH Grant recipients if they:
i. Are graduating
ii. Did not enroll for a semester
iii. Enrolled half time or more then later dropped to less than half time for a semester

If I can’t get financial aid, can I still get a loan?

Answer: Loans are considered part of the financial aid programs and all financial aid rules and regulations apply to loans also.

What is Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)?

Answer: SAP refers to Academic Requirements that students must meet by the end of every academic year in order to continue to be eligible for financial aid. Students who meet all requirements continue to be eligible for aid; students who don't meet requirements are no longer eligible (appeals are available to students with extenuating circumstances).

When will my Financial Aid be applied?

Answer: If you meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and have accepted your awards, Financial Aid will be applied to your student account when tuition is due (in August for the fall semester and in January for the spring semester). If Financial Aid is not enough to cover your tuition, you need to make arrangements with Student Business Services (SBS) to sign-up for a payment plan or pay the difference.

What if I was awarded Financial Aid after the semester started?

Answer: Financial Aid is applied after aid is awarded and after you have accepted the terms and conditions of your aid. After the semester has started, Financial Aid is automatically applied to your account and will cover any outstanding account balance.

What if my Financial Aid is more than the amount that I owe for tuition?

Answer: If your Financial Aid amount is more than the amount that you owe for tuition, you will receive the leftover aid (we call it a "refund") through direct deposit or by check. Student Business Services usually sends refunds the first week of class.

Can I get Financial Aid during the summer?

Answer: It depends. Some types of aid can be awarded in the summer and others can't. In March, we will send you an email asking you to answer a few questions in Goldmine called the "Summer Survey". If you answer the questions in Goldmine, we will review your application and will send you information by May.

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